As soon as the weather changes, the biggest issue you will have to deal with is the wasp infestation. It is one of the most dangerous insects that can infest your house. mostly the wasps come in late spring and summer season. They will make their nests in the corners of the house and especially the ventilators and gutters, where you cannot see them. Most of the people think wasps are not dangerous. Here are some of the reasons why it is the most dangerous insect. 

Stinging insects

Wasps are stinging insects. Their stings are dangerous as compared to the stings of the bees.

  1. They have a longer and needle-like sting that will remain in your body
  2. The stings are mostly poisonous, it means that you will have to deal with skin issues, rashes, and swollen body parts
  3. While attacking the wasps will not care that on which body part they are attacking. If they will attack your eyes, you might have to deal with swollen eyes or their poison can lead to temporary or permanent blindness

Wasps do not die after stinging

One of the most important things you need to know about the wasps is that they will not die after sting like the bees can. It means that if you will trigger them they will keep attacking you until they feel safe and not even wasp nest removal Forest Gate will be able to stop them. You should know that it is very easy to trigger the wasp attack. Sometimes even a little noise can make the wasps attack. If their nest is in your house, chances are they will spread in the entire house within seconds.

A single nest can have more than 700 wasps 

In a single season, wasp can lay millions of eggs. It only takes days for their eggs to hatch out. If there is a small nest in the corner of the house, you should not try to touch it. You can only see the single drone wasp outside the nest but there might be 50 to 60 wasps inside the nest who will not hesitate while attacking. On the other hand, if there is a complete nest of the wasp in your house there might be 700 to 1000 wasps. Just imagine if they will attack you. It would not only be hard to control the attack but also they might kill someone because of the continuous attacks.

Bottom line

If you are planning to control the wasp infestation on your own, do not make the mistake. It is better that you hire the wasp nest removal Forest Gate. They have the team of experts that have all the latest tools and gadgets that will allow them to get rid of the entire infestation within seconds. Select the best Pest Control London, which can provide you with the services you have been looking for.