The idea of replacing a home’s entire plumbing system isn’t something that homeowners fantasise about. In fact, they would rather avoid this job altogether, because it’s expensive and involves a lot of mess. However, in some cases, breaking the walls and replacing all the pipes really needs to be done – if you want to avoid a plumbing disaster, that is. Even the most durable plumbing has an expiration date and it’s important to watch out for the most common signs of wear and tear and know when to call a professional local company near you, such as the Newline Construction Plumbing Service.

Leaks are a reoccurring problem

In general, leaks aren’t that serious. They happen everywhere and you shouldn’t panic if a pipe leaks every couple of years. However, if there seems to be a problem almost every month and you can’t even have a decent bath for fear that it might end in a small flood, then it’s time for drastic measures. Reoccurring leaks happen because the pipes have been permanently damaged and the only way to get rid of them is to replace the entire plumbing. A professional will arrive at home to assess the condition of the pipes and, when leaks are a common issue, old age is usually the problem.


You suspect the presence of harmful construction materials

Many people assume that pipes should be replaced only when they are damaged, but that isn’t always the case. The use of dangerous chemical substances is also something that should concern you. In the past, it was quite common or builders to use lead and polybutylene. It was the norm, because the adverse health effects of these materials were not known. But today these materials are banned. If you know or have reason to believe that your piping system was built with them, then it’s time for replacement, no matter the condition of the pipes. Lead and polybutylene can leak into your drinking water and that makes them very dangerous.


You live in an old building

It goes without saying that old buildings have old plumbing systems. Some prefer for signs of damage to appear and only then call a plumber, but sometimes it’s better to replace them before a big incident. Old plumbing is bound to malfunction sooner or later and, as they say, better safe than sorry. Ask your landlord or previous owner if the pipes have ever been replaced and, if they haven’t, you could make this investment.


You’ve moved into a new home

If you’ve moved into a new house and you want to remodel it, check the state of the plumbing system in advance, because if it’s in really, really bad condition, it makes more sense to replace it, then remodel. If you don’t replace it, you might have to ruin your newly painted walls and freshly polished wooden floors after the first major flooding incident.