Healthcare workers have the certainty of a stable job and a fulfilling career. However, medical school students aren’t fully aware of the various other career paths that they can follow for an equally stable and fulfilling job. Also, not everybody is lucky enough to find a job in a hospital or medical clinic. For those intrigued by alternative career paths for medical school students, keep reading below.

#1. Public Health Worker

Promoting and protecting the general health of people is a noble job, and as a public health worker, this is specifically what you’ll be doing. Some of the usual duties of a public health worker are health hazard risk reduction, stopping the spread of various infectious diseases, environmental health hazard management, and so on. You can get involved in local or federal actions that target such concerns, you can contribute to improving the health standards in public spaces and institutions and so on. After all, you don’t have to have a scalpel in your hand to make the world a healthier place. However, there are several alternatives as well, and others are already working on similar jobs.  

#2. Rehabilitation Center Worker

Substance abuse is a real concern of our day and certain institutions do their best to tackle this matter. While discussing and treating addiction isn’t always easy, you can volunteer or work full-time in one of the drug rehab centers, as Johnny The Healer says. Helping others overcome their mental challenges and addiction struggles is a highly rewarding job, as many in the field have found. In advanced clinics, there is a more holistic approach to mental disorders and addiction, a personalized one, which allows the staff there to get above 90% recovery rates. This is surprising if you consider the fact that in traditional facilities the success rates revolve around 20%.

#3. Health Journalist

In a highly competitive field, like journalism is, there is a keen lack of properly trained medical journalists. If you want to thrive in this sector, you have all the chances, considering the fact that you already have some underlying medical training and your set of medical knowledge is quite solid. Keep in mind that you may need some extra qualifications, most probably a short journalism course.

#4. Clinical Forensic Medical Examiner

This is an interesting career path that you can take as a medical school student. You will be assigned to investigate and photograph the living, unlike a clinical forensic pathologist, which will be dealing with the deceased. For instance, domestic violence and rape victims will pass your door for proof that they were assaulted. This is a very noble job that a medical student can have.

These are only some of the alternative career paths that medical students can follow if working in a hospital is not entirely suitable for their personalities. However, all the jobs described above are just as noble and rewarding as working in a hospital is. After all, helping others comes in all shapes and forms.