Having a baby means a lot of responsibility when it comes to creating the best environment which is going to be suitable for your baby to grow up healthy without any risk that would affect him or her. When you consider preparing the nursery before your baby’s arrival, you have to think about more than which color you are going to paint the walls or which decorations are going to be more fashionable for the room. It is an exciting way to complete your home with a room for your newborn, knowing the from now on you are going to be a parent, to choose the furniture, decorate and organize the room but be aware that you need to consider every essential aspect that would create a safe and healthy environment.

1.      Clear out the room

Before you start thinking how to redecorate the room in order to make it suitable for your newborn, you need to take out as many things as possible so that you can get a better image of how the room should look like once you design it for your baby. Whether you are planning to sell them or reuse them for another room, you can use a public storage Portland to keep all the stuff that you used to have inside that room until you decide what you are going to do with them.

2.      Do a proper cleaning

Newborns are extremely sensitive and predisposed to get affected by anything from the environment that might not be a big risk for you as an adult but for them is not good at all. Dust, mold, and dirt are exposing your newborn to many health problems that could be prevented if you clean the room properly and ensure a healthy environment. Before you start to decorate the room, make sure that you clean everything with products that do not have a big amount of chemicals, take all the mold out of the walls before repainting them and air out the room.  

3.      Install safety features

As an adult, you know how to protect yourself by anything bad that could happen to you because you realize which things can have bad consequences. However, your baby is still little and does not know what can affect him or her. So, in order to make sure that your baby is protected by any danger that could happen to him inside the nursery while he or she is still little you need to install all the safety features such as smoke detector, anchor al heavy furniture items to the wall, and protect the electrical outlets with plastic covers.

4.      Choose an eco-painting for the walls

No matter which color you wish to paint the walls inside the nursery that you are preparing for your baby, you need to consider using an eco-painting because it is safer. Normal paints that you can find in every supermarket contain a lot of chemicals that are not safe for a newborn.  A water-based painting is going to contain zero volatile organic compounds.