Do you encounter problems when it comes to storing everything you own in an organized manner? Then this article is your absolute salvation. You will learn more about each category of items you own and the conditions in which they should be stored in order to avoid damaging them. From clothing and electronics to storing makeup or even vinyl records, you will find all sorts of categories here. You no longer have to worry about the conditions you used to store your belonging in – this guide should help you do it perfectly.

Actually, in case you don’t have enough space at home, start looking for storage units near you and take the items that fit the conditions there. This way, you will gain extra storage space at home and you will know that they are safely stored in the right place. Only do that with items you don’t use daily. If you want to learn more about this topic, keep on reading.

Makeup and care products

This is a problem that all women confront at a certain moment in their lives. First of all, you should know that all your makeup products should respect the expiration date. Mascara and foundation usually last around 3 months while powdered makeup and lipstick last around one year. The best possible way to store makeup and other care products would be in a closed cabinet or a spacious drawer at a normal temperature (not too cold nor too hot). Use dividers to prep your drawer for putting your makeup in. The risks you will assume in case you don’t store them right is melting, discoloration or even bacteria built up.


For electronics that you no longer use, you can opt for a storage unit that’s not very far away from your home. The indoor temperature should be moderate and they can be stored indefinitely if in the right conditions. The risks are breakage, insect infestation or pest infestation. Make sure to put the electronics in cardboard boxes and surround them by additional padding to prevent pests from getting in. Silica gel will keep the packaging dry. Very important: before storing electronics away, remove the batteries.


Clothing should be stored in lower-than-room temperature to avoid mold or mildew forming. Leather can get cracked and dried if the temperature is too hot or too cold. Damage can also come from moths, insects or pests. It is important to store clothes in wooden boxes or garment bags where humidity is controlled. You should rotate clothes every 6 months to make sure everything is alright.

Extra tip: Vinyl records

In case you own an impressive collection of vinyl records, you should keep them safe from warping or mildew. Pack them loosely and always store them vertically. If you have record sleeves, use them. Vinyl records should be kept away from moisture, so make sure the room you store them in is well-ventilated. Every now and then, get the records out to clean them from dust.