If you own a small apartment and you’re trying to find ways to make it more spacious and airy, here are useful tips to help you along the way. In the following article we can show you how you can make your small apartment look bigger with the right furniture and decor items. So let’s get started!

Use the extra lobby space and decorate it properly

Having piles of shoes placed over each other or piles of books sitting on the dining room table is not a good idea if you want to make a good impression when your friends are visiting. If you have a hallway no matter matter how small it is, use it to store your shoes in a special cupboard for shoes and put it next to a clothes hanger stand that is visually appealing. By organizing all of your shoes, coats, umbrella and other house items you’ll get rid of clutter and you will find it easier to get ready when you are planning to leave home. If you have room, you can mount shelves on the walls, and storage boxes so that you can keep everything organized. Wicker baskets, for example, can be used to store all the small items that you have around your house, such as car keys, your phone and charger, accessories etc.

Gives the impression of space by using tall windows

Tall windows are one of the main characteristics of a large room. If you have tall or wide windows your room will automatically seem larger. The first trick is to hang curtains close to the ceiling, not just above the window frame. This will give the impression that the windows are taller than in reality. Curtains with vertical stripes will enhance the impression of height and elongate windows.

Use large mirrors to create illusion of more space

One of the best tricks that you can use to make your hallway, bedroom or living room look more spacious is to use large mirrors on the walls, because it gives you the feeling that you have an extra room. Position more mirrors side by side, while on the other wall you can hang some interesting pictures or decoration items. This way, you will manage to create a soothing and enjoyable ambiance in your apartment.

Carefully chose the colors and decorations

By opting for lighter shades of color for the large surfaces such as the walls and floor you will make the room seem larger. You can also choose a color to repeat it in various places in the room – for decorative pillows, carpet or picture frames on the wall. If you enjoy a particular design style, such as romantic or edgy, draw inspiration from that style and use some specific elements from that specific design style in your apartment. You can also use metal decoration – a lamp, a box of candles or gold and silver accessories because they will have the same effect as a mirror, because they reflect light and make the room look larger.