The time goes so fast you barely even notice and your wedding approaches? Making such a big decision involves a lot of time spent in order to get everything right. A wedding planner should be your best friend in this stressful period and you need to keep track of every action completed. A checklist can help you lots if held nearby. Don’t forget that ordering stuff online like UK ribbons should be decided right on time for completing your every project and fulfilling all your ideas. Here are some main things you should follow:

Early bird

Deciding on the wedding time and date should be the first thing you do. Planning ahead means knowing exactly what you are going to do in this journey. Secondly, you have to gather inspiration from all around you: friends, family, Internet, books, past weddings – everything you can find. This way, you will be able to decide what style should your wedding have. You desire a vintage wedding? Try looking for ribbons and other accessories online and order them as soon as possible. You want elegance at a low cost? Fancy DIY bows and flower decorations will do it. If you are not good with stuff like this, hiring a wedding planner is highly recommended and this way you will be sure nothing will go wrong. Researching for vendors should be the main task of this period.

Closer and closer

Once time passes, you need to think about details. Hiring a rental company, purchasing a wedding dress and selecting a menu should be on your list. You can also start putting the programme of the wedding together. The entertainment moments, the gift registration and a wedding insurance are important decisions to make. Keep your thoughts organised and move on to the next step. Order the bridesmaids’ dresses and purchase the invitations. Of course, by this time you should have your guest list established.

Almost there

Checking in and confirming all the details with your vendors and guest are the top of the list when the wedding is almost there. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises so make sure everything is alright. Delivering the playlists to the bandleader and putting together a bridal emergency kit can save your party in case something happens. When the wedding is close by you have to let loose a little and enjoy the bachelor and bachelorette parties that have been already organised for you.

The day of and the day after

On the wedding day stress is almost relieved. You need to introduce the reception venue manager to the designated persons for any issue that may occur and don’t forget assigning someone to be the right hand of the photographer. Gathering necessary people for photos and pointing out who is who will be the key for great album photographs. After the big day passes, make sure you write and send some thank you notes for each and every guest and complete your registry. Take a moment and reflect on how amazing your wedding was.