Most of us have expensive electronics and other valuable belonging inside our homes, making it very tempting for burglars to break in and steal these items. Fortunately, with the market for security gadgets and devices in a continuous evolution, it’s easy to find the perfect solution to increase home security. Therefore, if you want to find out which are the must have security gadgets to keep burglars away, read the following lines.

FakeTV FTV-10 burglar deterrent

The FakeTV FTV-10 burglar deterrent is an ingenious security gadget, to say the least. If you buy this gadget for the small price of $30, you can rest assured that burglars won’t break in when you’re on vacation. Due to the fact that this burglar deterrent simulates the light produced by a 27-inch LCD HDTV, burglars will think that you are actually at home, and they won’t dare try to break in. In addition, this innovative security device consumes the same amount of power as a night-light. Therefore, it won’t cost you a lot to let it run when you’re on vacation.

Kuna outdoor security camera

The Kuna outdoor security camera is definitely a must have for those who want to increase home security. Coming at the reasonable price of $200, this security camera looks like a stylish outdoor light, but it actually detects movement and monitors activity. Also, it allows you to interact with the people outside your door. It records video footage in 720p. In addition, it features a loud alarm siren that produces 100 dB in order to announce you on the presence of an intruder and to scare the intruder away.

August smart door lock

Of course, no home is completely safe from burglars without the addition of a smart door lock. If you are unfamiliar with these devices, you should peruse the, which features numerous reviews of the greatest smart door locks of the moment. Based on the information that we found on that website, it seems that the August smart door lock is one of the best models on the market and you can but it for the price of $200. It comes in 4 colors, including red, dark gray, champagne, and silver, allowing you to choose the color that best suits your door.

The August smart lock allows safe, keyless access to your home with Android and iOS smartphones. When installing this smart door lock, only the interior of your deadbolt will be changed, the exterior remaining the same. This will come as a surprise for intruders who will try to lockpick the deadbolt, not being able to access your home by trying this. In addition, you can send encrypted keys over the smartphone to the people who you want to have access to your home, the app of the smart door lock allowing you to cancel these encrypted keys whenever you want as well.

Chamberlain WD832KEV garage door opener

What a lot of people forget to secure is the garage door. Without proper protection, the garage door can easily grant burglars access to your home. Therefore, to make sure that your home is 100% secure, install the Chamberlain WD832KEV garage door opener. It comes at the price of $250. The strong and quiet 1/2 HP belt drive garage door opener features the impressive motor vibration isolation system that reduces noise in operation. It features a timer-to-close which you can set for 1, 5, or 10 minutes, ensuring that the garage door will close on its own after the set time in case you forget to do it. In addition, this garage door opener is MyQ enabled, which allows you to monitor and control the garage door via your smartphone from any location.