When it comes to blending elements from completely different periods, many people make the same errors resulting in a mismatched chaos: they combine too many daring colors that simply overwhelm the eye, they mistake antique for old thus including outdated upholstery and worn pieces of furniture without character, and probably the biggest interior décor faux pas – they do not consider permanent features like flooring and wall finishes. Even though homeowners do not have to follow strict rules when decorating their personal living space, some things just look off when not well-thought creating a disruptive look, especially when combining disparate styles like bohemian modern, industrial modern and rustic modern, which represents the topic of main interest in this article. Things become even more complicated when you have to integrate a modern wood stove into a rustic home…or not? The reality is that decorating around such a focal point should not be a hassle; on the contrary, it gives you guidance.

What type of residence do you own?

Mixing old and new, in this case, modern and rustic, prevents your living room from becoming dull and boring, if you do it properly. The combination of styles, even though disparate, must seem effortlessly accomplished. In order to ensure a smooth decorating process, you should start with the type of home you own. If the residence is quite old, feel free to incorporate period pieces but explore different contemporary wood burning stoves to break the pattern. Apart from the stove, you can opt for modern lighting and accessories. If you live in a recently-built house, then include massive elements like pieces of furniture from this century and add a few antique or vintage pieces here and there to achieve that cohesive décor style. If you living space does not include distinguishing characteristics, then mixing these opposing décor style, namely modern and rustic, should be easier than expected because you do not have restrictions. Of course, you have to infuse your unique personality into the mix in order to make a statement.

Invest in a high-quality wood stove

A modern wood stove will definitely add value to your home, in case you decide to sell it in the near or distant future. Even if you do not plan to make such a decision, investing in a product of superior quality is imperative because apart from being the main source of heat in the house or at least in the living room, it also represents a decorative element that has the purpose to help you make that memorable style combination. Whether you choose a cast iron, steel or sandstone modern wood stove, make sure that you install it strategically because after all, it will definitely be the focal point of the room. You can even decorate it if you consider necessary or if you want to personalize it; just make sure that you do not go over the top because once again, you do not want to overwhelm the eye.