If you want to design your yard, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. At the heart of the following principle lays the idea that form follows function. Therefore, the style and shape of the yard dictated how you design it.

So before heading to Pinterest to look for landscaping ideas, you should take a look at your outdoor space and analyze its needs. Here are some tips to make the journey easier for you.

Figure out what you want and what you need

Do you want to transform the backyard into a patio where you spend time with your family and friends? Do you want to use the outdoor space to create a quiet place where to read when you come back from work? Or maybe you want to convert it into an area where you grow herbs and vegetables for cooking. To answer these questions make a list of your needs and write down the things you want from your garden. These ideas are the starting point for landscaping the outdoor area. If you need help you can hire landskapsarkitekttjenester specialists to help you.

Asses the space

Now that you have a list of needs and wants, get out of the house and assess the yard. How does the wind blow through it? Can you identify the path of the sun? If you want to create sitting areas, place them out of the line of the prevailing winds or plant trees and shrubs to block the wind. The sunniest places are perfect places for planting trees because they provide them with plenty of light to encourage their growth and create shade area where you can lay during the summer.  Get in touch with the local landskapsarkitekt expert to help you identify the best places for planting trees and shrubs.

Keep it simple

When you don’t know what design style to pick, keep it simple, it’s the best option. The final result doesn’t have to look overdone or complicated. Stick with the things that matter the most. Start small and as the space evolves you can bring more furniture items and pant more trees and shrubs to make it look more interesting. Think about the function of the space to determine what the most suitable style for it is. If you want to grow vegetables, make a list of herbs and vegetables you prefer, and establish how much space you need for each crop.

Make focal points

Don’t forget to consider the views beyond the outdoor space. The looks of the house and neighborhood are also important because the yard should look as part of a bigger picture. Create a focal point by plating a huge tree in the middle of the garden, or use some vibrant colors for the furniture to draw attention towards it. Plant flowers like crabapples, buckeyes, and dogwood to climb on the trees and make the space look story like. Plant a line of hydrangeas near the deck or patio to enliven the space.