So, you want your home to be unique. Guess you know that you aren’t the only person in the UK with this kind of desire. For you, it’s not a matter of keeping up with the Joneses. You couldn’t care less about what other people think. All you’re interested in is to have a place where you can feel like yourself. The only problem is that you don’t have money for a major renovation project. Did you know that you don’t need truckloads of money to make your home unique? All you have to do is use one of the following interior design tricks.

Use rosette ribbon

If you’re the girly type, you most likely love ribbons. If until now you’ve been using ribbons for packaging gifts, know that they can have a different functionality. You can totally decorate your home with rosette ribbon UK, you just have to know how to. One way of brightening the house is with ribbon curtains. Making drapes rom ribbons is doable. You just cut the right length and loop the ribbons around a rod. If you think that this is too complicated, simply tie the existing curtains with ribbon. Another thing you can do is tie ribbons to dining table chairs. This will give them an out-of-the-ordinary look. If you have time, glue the material to the chairs.

Apply a fresh coat of paint   

When was the last time you painted the house? Chances are that when you moved in. a great idea is to apply a fresh coat of paint. Rooms have the tendency to feel cramped, but you know all too very well. But how can paint help with that? Soft colours like beige make the room feel more spacious. This is not an assumption, it’s a proven fact. No matter if a great deal of natural light enters the rooms of your home, give them a makeover.

Get a new rug

You can’t afford to start a renovation project, but you can afford to buy a new rug. When shopping for a rug, you have to pay attention to size. Buy a rug that’s the right size for the living room and, most importantly, place based on that size. The front legs of the chairs should be on the rug, while the back ones shouldn’t. As for the sofa, it shouldn’t be sitting on the rug. Of course, you can break these rules anytime you want. There’s no one stopping you.