Bringing a furry-friend into the family? You must be really excited, right? But slow down for a little bit!

For your pet’s safety and your own peace of mind, there are a few steps you should take before bringing them in. Here’s how to prepare your home before bringing a pet into the family:

Clean your entire home

Believe it or not, although pets, especially dogs, are associated with a lot of mess and dirt, they are actually extremely sensitive to dust and toxic substances, especially when they are in the first months of their lives.

Before bringing your family’s new furry friend in, you may want to clean your home from top to bottom to provide them with a healthy environment for development. Start by whipping off the dust or dirt, especially in the areas where your pet can reach it. Moreover, you should discuss with a veterinær to advise you on what cleaning products you can use to clean your home that won’t be toxic for your pet.

Next, make sure you eliminate any toxic substances that your pet may reach and drink or eat. For example, if you keep your cleaning products inside the bathroom, make sure you place them in the bathroom cabinet where your new pet won’t be able to reach them.  Also, hide all sharp things that may be a risk for your new clumsy four-legged family member.  

Secure doors and windows

It isn’t uncommon for new pets to try to escape from their new home. why? Don’t worry if your new pet tries to run away from your pet in the beginning. it has nothing to do with you being a bad owner or them not liking you. it is just the fact that when moved to a new home, pets experience a lot of anxiety as they are scared because they don’t know anything about the space or about you.

So, in order to make sure that they won’t run away because they are scared, you should better secure your doors and windows. For example, if you are getting a cat, you may want to purchase a screening that is essentially cat-proof. Also, if you have any broken door or window that can be opened easily, you may want to fix it before bringing your new member of the family in.

Create your pet’s corner

It should go without saying that before bringing them home, you need to prepare a corner in your home for your pet. Organize a corner in your home where you will place all your pet’s things including bed or blanket, bowls with food and water, and toys.

Make sure you go to a dyreklinikk from where you can purchase all the necessary things that your pet will need.

Hide everything chewable

Let’s be honest, all pets like to chew things. Whether it is furniture, your shoes, or cables, having them chewed by your furry friend won’t be a nice experience. So, before bringing your new family member home, make sure you hide all important things that they may be interested in chewing. As for those that you can’t hide, you can buy lots of toys and leave them laying around your entire home. This way your new furry friend won’t feel tempted to start chewing your furniture because they have enough toys to play with.

Once your home is pet-proof and you have purchased everything that your new furry-friend needs to accommodate in your home, you can bring them in and enjoy the cutest family member ever.