The environment you live in is essential for your wellbeing, but if you want to make your house a home, you need to understand that decorating it is an important process. If you realised that your house it is just not as big as you would wish it to be, we have some tricks to help you maximise the space you have and after putting them in practice you won’t recognize your small rooms anymore.

1.     Fewer walls

      No need to fill your house with walls that take way too much space if they are not necessary. You can take down the wall and create a bigger room that can serve multiple purposes. For example, it can be a kitchen that can also serve as a dining room or a bedroom where you can also install your desk with your computer for the times when you need to work from home.   

2.      Store things under the stairs and bookshelf walls

When you have space problems in your house you have to find smart ways to use every space available. The space under the stairs is very suitable for creating a space where you can store winter clothes and shoes or any other article that you do not use that often. Moreover, if you have a lot of books that you do not want to store in some dusty boxes you can just create a bookshelf out of a wall and this way your books will be well organized and you will also save a lot of space.

3.      Keep the rooms luminous

Luminosity creates the impression of a bigger space so do not choose to have too much darkness in your house. White or light colours walls and furniture are a good idea for a lot of brightness in your rooms. But if you worry that you might prefer darkness sometimes you can use good quality living room shutters when you want to transform your room into a cinema.

4.      Use many mirrors

In order to make a room look like it has a bigger length than in reality, mirrors can do miracles. If you install a big mirror on the backwall your room will look like it is twice spacious. Moreover, a house full with mirrors looks very modern and you can check how you look wherever you go around the house.

5.      Sliding doors

Apart from living room shutters, sliding doors are another great way of creating the illusion of a bright and open space. Not only that they look stylish, but also sliding doors help you save a lot of space in your house. Normal doors are an inconvenient and take a lot of space because of the way they open, you cannot place anything in their opening area, but sliding doors solve this problem for you.

6.      Do not use too many decorations

You might get too excited in the process of decorating but be careful not to get an overloaded room because of the number of decorations you are using and this for sure will make your room look less spacious. So, keep it simple!