If you have ever experienced the unpleasant symptoms of allergies, you know how uncomfortable they can become and how they can ruin your day. From sneezing to eyes that won’t stop watering, allergies include a wide array of symptoms that you need to put a stop to and here is how you can keep allergens away from your home.

    • Dust mites are everywhere in your house and represent the major concern when it comes to allergies because they are the most popular allergen known. Being so small and practically impossible to see, dust mites should be the first on your list of allergens that must be kept away. When you dust, use a microfiber cloth that will attract dust particles without spreading them in the air. Avoid having thick carpets and curtains or covers that are the perfect environment for dust mites.
    • A thorough cleaning will help you remove the dust on your furniture and hidden in your carpets and curtains, but the dust mites in the air can only be removed with the help of an air purifier. This device attracts small dust particles in the air and keeps them inside its filter so the indoor air will become cleaner and free of dust. It can even attract pet hair and dander, so you can enjoy your loving pet despite your allergy. To see which air purifiers are better for dust, and which are better for pet dander, read the air purifier reviews and ratings posted on the bestairpurifier.reviews site. This website is very informative and it will help you find the air purifier that suits your needs and your budget.
    • Dust, dirt, and debris like lint, human hair or pet hair gather in what are called dust bunnies, which are small and fluffy piles that hide in the corners or behind furniture, making it impossible for you to remove. Use a vacuum cleaner to reach the tight corners and narrow spaces under the furniture so you will collect the dust bunnies and avoid spreading them to the air. A robot vacuum is better because it can easily reach narrow spaces and it can eliminate any sign of dust bunnies. Never empty the vacuum’s bag indoors to avoid air pollutants going back into the air.
  • Pollen is another common allergen that can easily get inside your home even if it’s an outdoor allergen. Open windows and doors are the perfect entrances for pollen, so make sure you keep them closed in spring when pollen reaches high levels. When you get inside the house, wipe your feet on the doormat and leave the outwear outside. Avoid drying your clothes outdoors because pollen can easily stick to your clothes and you will end up bringing it into your home.