No one can stand the unbearable heat that takes over when summer comes. To fend off the heat when you’re inside the comfort of your own home, you have to turn on your air conditioning unit. If you want to make this unit more efficient, you have to find ways to increase its power. Therefore, keep your home at a perfect temperature during summer by reading the following lines and applying the advice given in them.

Clean the air filters regularly

To increase the power of the air conditioning unit, change the air filters once every three months. Dirty filters play a big role in the decreased efficiency of an air conditioning unit. They decrease its efficiency by making the unit work harder. In addition, the air conditioning unit will have to use more energy to work. This will raise the costs of your electric bills considerably. Therefore, spend the money necessary to replace the filters once every three months and you will pay less on the bills and your home will be cooled fast.

Prevent the natural light from heating up the rooms

Your air conditioning unit is running in vain if you don’t prevent the light from the sun to enter your home. Close the drapes, blinds, or shutters to prevent the natural light from entering your home. You don’t have to close them completely, just let as little light as possible to enter. This will help tremendously when it comes to the performance of your air conditioning unit. In addition, you will protect your carpets from having the color in them get worn out by the natural sunlight as well.

Do chores that raise the temperature in the morning or late evening

Certain household chores raise the temperature in the house. These chores are drying your clothes, using the dishwasher, and cooking. Instead of doing these activities in the middle of the day when the temperature is at its highest, do them in the morning and late evening. In these periods of the day, the temperature is a lot lower than in the rest of the day. By cooking, using the dishwasher, or drying the clothes then, you help maintain a cool environment and you won’t force the air conditioner to operate too intense either.

Use the Newair af 310 tower fan to increase its efficiency

The air conditioner is a very efficient cooling device. But this doesn’t mean that it can’t be helped by other similar cooling units to perform even better. If you want to considerably increase the efficiency of the air conditioner, use the newair af 310 tower fan in the room in which the air conditioner is placed. It will cost you less than $150 to buy it. The tower fan will help circulate the air better. In addition, it’s able to cool the temperature in a room on its own. Therefore, you would have two devices of this kind that will run at the same time. Moreover, if you study this Newair af 310 tower fan review, you will see that this is more than just a regular tower fan. It also has an integrated humidifier, an air purifier and it also works as a swamp cooler.