Since 2019 is already half gone, we should start thinking of what home designs will be huge next year. In case you plan to sell your home or have a remodel in your schedule, these are the questions you have to answer. All we can tell you is that granite is going to be huge. You will find in staircases, floors, and countertops. But more information and details, below.

Granite Staircases

Granite is a versatile construction material. It is durable, looks amazing when installed with care and attention to details, and it will be one of the most popular trends of 2020. Granitt trapp is going to win the hearts of homeowners, buyers, and sellers all over the world, next year. It has a clean appearance and has high rates of durability. It can be used in different types of designs, because it integrates so well and has a neutral appearance. You will see it very often in staircases in 2020. Look in advance for companies dealing with such improvements, if you want to turn your home into a modern and luxurious one.

Granite Walls

Accent Granittmur is another trend you will see quite frequently in 2020. These walls look incredible when installed behind fireplaces and in kitchens, frequently in living areas, as well. You want to install a granite wall before selling your property in 2020 because you will be able to get a significantly higher price for it. Also, even if you don’t sell your home, a similar addition will offer your home a fresh, new air. You will find living in a home with granite elements more relaxing and fulfilling.

Advanced Draining Systems

An advanced draining system is not a design improvement per se, but it will make your life so much easier. Besides, it will boost the value of your home quite a lot, in the event of a home sale. Isodren drenering is a system consisting of drainage and diffusion-open insulation plates, being more effective than traditional ones. This will insulate the ground and your home from moisture issues, and it’s incredibly suitable in damp environments. This system lowers the need for complex excavation processes before installation, being an incredible choice for modern and traditional homes.

Replace your appliances

When you want to have an updated home, appliances have a lot to say. Considering that newer models need less energy to function at full parameters, you should consider replacing older ones because of this reason. You will see your energy bills dropping, and you will be able to pride yourself with a lower footprint on the environment. Plus, buyers will be thrilled in case you want to sell your home. They are eager to buy properties with newer appliances and pay higher prices. They are wel aware that, in the end, the investment will pay for itself.

These are some of the best design improvements you can consider for the next year. You will give your home a fresh air, save money, and maybe make a little extra in the prospect of a home sale.