Do you remember how your room looked like when you were little? Did you have glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling that you used to stare at every single night before falling asleep? Did you have posters and pictures of celebrities or your favorite superheroes on a big white wall that gradually became the focal point of the entire space? Did your parents give you the permission to let your creativity flow by drawing on the walls? You probably thought that your room was the most interesting place in the entire house because it had a dose of personality – your unique personality. It does not matter if your room did not comply with the rules in what concerns interior design. After all, you were a kid who wanted to express his creativity. The room of a child does not have to look like being decorated by a professional. It had to be fun, eye-catching and interesting.

Nourish your child’s current obsession

Now that you are an adult, a parent to be more precise, you should not force your child to live in a room that simply does not represent him. Instead, you should follow your parents’ example and give him the freedom of decorating his own space. There is no right or wrong in this case. Of course, you can offer your humble contribution by coming up with more ideas or suggesting him to explore together different children’s wallpaper murals that he will definitely like. Just like any other kid of his age, your little one is probably obsessed with something, whether an action figure, the universe, stickers. Obviously, he will want to integrate that obsession into his room décor. Do to worry because this is just a phase that he is going through and that will not last more than a few weeks or a few months. If your child discovered that everything related to the universe simply fascinates him, then you should let him paint galaxies, planets and starts on the walls. Maybe you will realize that he possesses impressing artistic skills and help him evolve in this regard.

Foster your child’s creativity and free spirit

If you want to prove that you are the most indulgent parent ever but also the smartest, then set aside a part of the room solely for nourishing their creativity. If your kid loves action movies, then you should put at his disposal the necessary materials to direct or to play in the movie. Regardless of your little one’s interests, you should never try to induce him the need of hiding his preferences or crush his free spirit because you do not want to raise a person who remains silent when everyone should speak up or backs down when others are very strong about their opinions. The way you treat your bundle of joy during childhood will influence his entire life. Furthermore, he sees you as a role model meaning that you should watch your words and actions when he is around. More importantly, be playful and fun around him.