Minimalism is preferred by many people nowadays because of the lifestyle it encourages. Living simpler, without items that you don’t actually use in your day to day activities, without spending so much money on things that don’t have an impact on your life represents a goal for certain people. There is no wonder why making use of small space is now a hot topic in design magazines, forum discussions, and social media. This article will list the guidelines required for designing a minimalist studio without worrying about the available space.

Furniture items

The furniture items included in a minimalist design should occupy most of the space in your studio apartment. This is the reason why you want the items to be pretty general. If your studio apartment is a fully opened space, you should only include the pieces of furniture that are absolutely required for living. First, choose a raised, king-size bed. This is the central point of the apartment.

The kitchen furniture should be kept as simple as possible, while storage furniture should be blended perfectly in the studio’s design. White, black or beige furniture is recommended to match the neutral color schemes that are usually selected for minimalist designs. If you are redesigning your studio, look for storage units near me to store away your actual furniture items until you make a further decision. Having too many items resting around the apartment when you want to obtain a minimalist look is not a good idea.

Lighting options

Lighting is very important when it comes to studios. Because of the open space, you need to bring light to each corner of the apartment, which can be tricky. Make use of the windows of the studio and design a natural corner next to them. You can use indoor plants that are easy to maintain green. Where natural light doesn’t reach, you need to find lighting alternatives that are appropriate for the ambiance of a minimalist studio apartment. For instance, minimal floor lamps should easily blend into the design and offer the expected result.


Adding mirrors to any open space will make it appear bigger, which is an outcome that most people want for studio apartments. If you can afford, cover an entire wall in mirror panels. This will give the illusion of a huge space, will help light reach every corner of the house and will make the whole apartment look more luxurious. Make sure that the wall you select for mirrors is isolated from any kind of potential damage.

Space division

Studio apartments can be divided into multiple rooms if desired. This is not as difficult as many people may think and it doesn’t require a huge investment. Thinking outside the idea of adding new walls and using other sorts of methods to separate space is recommended. A minimal bookshelf that’s placed in the middle of the studio can beautifully separate one area of the house from another. If you don’t want to physically create different spaces in your apartment, you can follow distinct color schemes for each area of it.