Who wouldn’t want to have an amazing garden?! For such a result, you will definitely need to choose one of the best designs that you can find, and moreover, you really must get involved in creating the garden of your dreams. For some inspiration, take a look at the following creative garden designs that will certainly help you achieve your goal.

A small place can still look amazing

Even if you have a very small place, you can still transform it into a beautiful garden with a nice and comfortable relaxation area. The only thing you need to do is to be creative. You can easily have a place just like the one in the above picture. Free your imagination and start creating your own incredible garden. This type of contemporary tropical garden will certainly help you relax and enjoy the time spent with your dear ones. Keep in mind that stones should not miss. You can either create a small square from stones where you can add soil and plant flowers, decorative trees or plants, or you could just get some small stones and surround your decorations or your plants with them. Whatever you choose to do, you will certainly beautify the whole place. Being creative means that you are allowed to mix all types of plants, flowers, and decorations, but in a very nice way. Therefore, why not go for a floor as well, like in the one in the above photo. A dark brown wooden floor will certainly add elegance to your garden. A fence in the same color and with a nice pattern will look absolutely wonderful. Don’t forget to place some colorful cushions on your seating area, for a cheerful look and comfort as well. Creating a place like this is not difficult, but it definitely requires some creativity.

Create a stunning rock garden

This is without a doubt one of the most creative garden designs. The main element is definitely the stone. Stones in all sizes are placed everywhere, in order to create a mysterious yet amazing look. The decorations also add a mystery touch to the whole place. This breathtaking garden is not very complicated to realize, you just need to be creative and use the stones in the way you want. You can build small decorative walls or a path. The plants should obviously not miss. Decorative small trees could also be a fantastic idea and perfect for such a design. A contemporary design idea like this will certainly help you create a garden that will look absolutely incredible.