If you are considering working with 3M tape suppliers for the first time, chances are you have any number of questions and concerns.  These days, businesses from a wide variety of sectors are slowly but surely realizing how beneficial custom adhesive products can be. For obvious reasons, those involved in things like the manufacturing of products, repair work and other similar activities could benefit from quality adhesives most of all.

The simple fact of the matter is that where any two or more materials need to be joined, the right adhesive product could get the job done better than anything else available. Nevertheless, there’s a big difference between custom adhesive products that are built for one particular purpose and generic adhesives. While it’s not to say that the latter may not get the job done, the kinds of results and overall value for money you can expect may not be up to scratch.

For once again, you find yourself with any number of questions regarding the potential benefits and properties of custom adhesive products. So if you’re considering placing an order and have questions to address, the following could prove helpful:

1. How Are Custom Adhesives Better?

First and foremost, it’s natural to question if, why and to what extent custom adhesive products are better. After all, there are plenty of generic adhesive products on the market today that claim to be suitable for most purposes. In short, what makes custom adhesive products different is the way in which they are created uniquely and specifically for one or more intended purposes. When you order custom adhesives for any purpose, you are able to determine each of the most important properties it possesses. Which includes things like the materials it is and is not compatible with, the kinds of atmospheric conditions it can withstand, the strength of the join and so on. Or in other words, you essentially describe the exact properties you need and a product is designed and manufactured accordingly.

2. Aren’t Industrial Adhesives Dangerous?

It’s natural to assume that industrial adhesive products are inherently dangerous to work with. After all, there are certain risks attached to the use of powerful adhesives that cannot be overlooked. Nevertheless, industrial adhesives will always be as safe or as dangerous as those working with them allow them to be.  The simple fact of the matter is that pretty much anything in the workplace could be considered a hazard, if used in a hazardous manner. By contrast, anything that is considered to be dangerous in the workplace doesn’t have to pose a risk at all, just as long as it is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Which in turn means that just as long as your custom adhesive products are used appropriately, they need not pose any kind of health and safety risk whatsoever.

3. Will Any Training Be Necessary?

One of the best things about making the switch to custom adhesives is the way in which they are so incredibly easy to use. As such, it is rare for any kind of specialist training whatsoever to be required, before they can be brought into use. And of course, the fact that they are so easy to use also means that production processes can be accelerated and optimised, without having to compromise on quality. As such, it’s hardly surprising that so many manufacturing environments are replacing traditional joining methods like welding with advanced custom adhesives.

4. Are Industrial Adhesives Expensive?

For obvious reasons, a bespoke adhesive created specifically for your business is probably going to cost more than a generic glue. Nevertheless, on a join-for-join basis there is really no more cost-effective alternative. Particularly when compared to things like welding and mechanical fixings, which due to the additional equipment and skilled manpower required can be comparatively expensive. Whatever it costs to invest in high quality in bespoke adhesives supplies in the first place, you are pretty much guaranteed enormous savings long-term.

5. Can I Try Before I Buy?

Last but not least, the answer to this question depends entirely on the manufacturer you work with.  In some instances, bespoke adhesive companies aren’t in the habit of handing out free samples and prototypes, before going ahead with larger orders. You can take it from us when we say these are exactly the kinds of companies it’s better to stay away from at all costs. Working with a reliable, reputable and responsible supplier means being provided with all the prototypes and samples you need, in order to ensure that the adhesive does in fact suit its intended purpose.