You love your pet not only because they are cute and playful, but also because they are a good companion when you feel lonely. But the bad part about them is that they would smell or eat almost everything, even the things that are toxic for them. You do your best to make your house comfortable for them and it’s surprising to find out that some things can harm them. So, you need to be careful with the items you offer them, the decorations you place around the house, and the things they eat.

If you are already aware of the things that can get your pet sick, you should stay alert someone else not to bring them indoors.

Citronella Candles

You love citronella candles because they smell amazing and make the indoor atmosphere cosy. But these candles also attract pets because of their look and smell, and they can end up chewing them. Even if some cats don’t like citronella smell, they may still be drawn to them because of curiosity. Candles are not fatal when ingested, but they can cause diarrhoea, and you may have to take your pet to a local dyreklinikk nittedal.

Christmas tree decorations

You love Christmas and so does your cat because she cannot wait for all the lights to sparkle around the house. The moment you bring the Christmas tree indoors she’ll probably jump in it because no one can keep a cat away from a Christmas tree filled with lights. Cats and dogs also love the decorations you use to adorn the tree and they try to grab them. Sometimes they end up eating these decorations and suffering from intestinal issues and even internal bleeding. If this is the case you need the help of a veterinær nittedal because they may have to operate your pet to get the decorations out.

Fabric softener sheets

Collect the sheets you placed in the washing machine immediately the program ends because pets may thing it’s funny to play in the washing machine vat and lick the sheets filled with fabric softener. After getting the laundry out of the washing machine you should immediately hang them outdoors to dry because if the pets chew them, they can experience ulcerous in their stomach, oesophagus and mouth. Call your dyrlege nittedal if you think your pet played with the sheets after you dipped them in fabric softener.


Both cats and dogs think batteries are amazing toys because they slide away on the floors. And while batteries are great because they power their laser toys, pets should never bite or eat them because they cause great health problems. From ulcers in their mouth, oesophagus and stomach to internal bleeding and intestinal problems.

You should also keep your pets away from pest-control products, raisins, grapes, sugar free gum, candies, garbage, foxtails, lilies and ibuprofen. They can all make them sick. If you notice your pet isn’t feeling well call your veterinarian.