Have you decided to organize your party at home? Studies say that organizing an event means a lot of stress for the host and it doesn’t relate to spending money, but to the fact that a party needs to look perfect. Not anyone knows how to decorate when it comes to big events but there are a few tips and tricks that can help them do that with ease. Here’s a list of them:

Use random items for decorating

You have a lot of stuff around your house that can be use as deco items if you are creative enough. In case you recently bought some hair bow ribbons that neither you or a family use for this purpose, try repurposing it for decoration matters. Simply using the hair bow ribbons to embellish the gift wrappings would be amazing. Be playful with colours and materials and try setting your imagination free. Gather together all the items you don’t use anymore and find something that they can be used at. If the weather allows you and you own a backyard, try putting some blankets or pillows on the grass and invite everyone to play board games. Snacks shouldn’t be absent either. Every guest should feel like home and as a host you have to make sure there’s nothing missing. If not, try opening a bar and a Swedish buffet so everybody gets what food they like.

Choose a theme

Before starting to decorate the party, you will have to set up a theme and follow it from the very beginning. If you combine all the elements without any kind of balance, there will be a kitsch party deco that no one will like. For instance, depending on the age of the one celebrated at the party, you can build a certain colour palette to respect. Balloons, bowls, plates and cups with patterns or prints that match the theme will definitely catch everyone’s attention. Also, try bringing plants and flowers to the party. Many people usually forget that plants are a big part of any kind of decoration. Birthdays mean that the atmosphere should be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Try bringing a large bowl with ice and water in it and throw some orange, lemon and lime slices in it. It will have a great visual effect and it also can be consumed at fresh, cold, aromatized water.