Everyone dreams of having a pool in their backyard. It’s the perfect addition to any home. It adds style and beauty to the property. In addition, it’s extremely fun to use and you can use it to cool off when the torrid heat of summer comes. Before you rush to take a decision regarding the backyard swimming pool, read the following lines. Here you will find out what are the costs of building and maintaining a backyard pool.

How to determine the final cost of installing a backyard pool

To better understand exactly how much you have to invest in a backyard pool, you have to take into consideration certain aspects. When you build a pool, you have to consider the size, depth, and shape of the pool, the area that you live in, and the materials that you want to use to build it.

The size of the pool is by far the biggest factor in determining the final cost. You have to expect to pay around $50 for every square foot. Therefore, the larger the pool, the bigger the final costs will be.

The depth of the pool might be part of the pool’s size, but you should consider it a separate factor of the final cost. The depth of the pool determines how much material will go into its making. Also, the bigger the depth, the more you will have to dig. Therefore, the bigger the costs will be.

Of course, the shape of the pool affects the final price. If you want a regular, rectangular shaped pool there won’t be any complications in its making. But if you want to have a non-standard shape for the pool, the overall costs of building it will be higher.

The area that you live in directly affects the costs of building your backyard pool. If you live in a high-cost area, you will have to pay more for making the pool as well. In addition, you will need permits to build the pool. The costs for these permits vary depending on the area that you live in.

You definitely have a certain design in mind for the pool. A big part of that design is the material that you use for building the pool. If you go with premium materials like fiberglass and gunite, the building costs will be higher. On the other hand, if you go with vinyl, a material that is inferior to the materials that we mentioned before, your costs will be reduced.

Reduce your maintenance costs with the iRobot Mirra 530 robotic pool cleaner

To be able to use the swimming pool, you first have to make sure that the surfaces of the pool and the water inside it are clean. The maintenance procedures of a swimming pool can be expensive and exhausting. Instead of working on keeping the pool clean yourself, buy a robotic pool cleaner. Read reviews and see which pool cleaner is the best choice. We personally like the iRobot Mirra 530 robotic pool cleaner. To buy this model you will have to spend $1000. But the money that you invest in it will be worth in it the end because you will make them back fast.
The robotic pool cleaner will clean both the water and the surfaces of the pool on its own. In fact, it’s so efficient that it even passed all Roboticpoolcleaner.reviews the tests with the highest ratings, proving that it’s an excellent way of cleaning the pool without damaging the filtration system or using any chemicals. It filters around 70 gallons of water per minute and it can filter debris and contaminants as small as 2 microns. This eliminates the need for chlorinating your pool. Therefore, it’s a lot safer for your health and for your wallet to use this robotic pool cleaner. You will protect and prolong the life of your pool’s main filtration system if you use this device as well. To operate it, you simply have to plug it in and press the start button. It doesn’t depend on the filtration system to work, and due to the fact that it filters the water so well, it takes away the pressure that was put on the filtration system.