Asian inspired bathrooms are remarkable through their simplicity and the unique design that inspires tranquility when you want some relaxing time. While the Asian style respects the features of a modern design, it also uses raw material such as bamboo and colors inspired by nature. In this article we offer you some ideas of Asian inspired bathrooms.


The Asian style uses a wide variety of colors but it may also approach the idea of natural earthy tones, such as wood, stone and sand. Another popular idea is to use white and black bathrooms with touches of red and gold for a dramatic effect.


The Asian style is very different from the western one. The rich Asian culture offers a varied range of ideas in which you can arrange a bathroom. From creating a Zen atmosphere with clean lines and a relaxing atmosphere, to inserting Buddha sculptures which became very popular in Western homes. You should know that the Asian themes are a fusion of several different styles and it’s very important to know which style suits your home best. There is also a big difference between the Japanese design which is simple, minimalist and very close to nature and the traditional Chinese decor which is more expansive and opulent.

Main elements

Bathing is considered an art so it’s very important to choose wisely the bathing elements. The sink and the bathtub are very important and luckily they come in various models. A cabinet with a sink on the top of it may be an excellent idea, while the bathtub may have various shapes and designs. If you are space-limited, the best alternative is a shower from stone or granite. With the mixture of both modern and classic ideas, you can place jet-streamed tubs in the center of the room.


To add the Asian touch to your bathroom you have to use the proper decorations. One of the best ideas is to use pictures or paintings with the symbols for wisdom, tranquility or happiness. Some additional elements like green plants or a running water will enhance the Asian feel. If you have enough space add some artwork or a decorative vase containing fresh flowers.

The Asian bathroom design is becoming more popular especially for those with small houses that want to emphasizes the fact that the bathroom is the centerpiece. An Asian themed bathroom inspires peace and tranquility and it is ideal for people who wish to get rid of the daily stress.