You don’t need to live in a huge house to be happy. Living in a small apartment can be just as wonderful for so many reasons. But what does that mean for pet lovers and owners? It can’t be denied that apartment living poses a few challenges when you have a furry friend or you want to adopt one. So, if you find yourself in this situation, you might want to learn about some basic rules for keeping a pet in an apartment to make both your lives a bit easier.

Adopt a pet that is right for apartment life

It might be tempting to adopt all the cute pets you come across, but before you bring home a furry buddy, stop and think for a while. You must choose a pet that can adapt well to apartment life and won’t suffer in such an environment. Size isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. Cats, fish or dogs with a calm temperament, regardless of their size, are the right choice for you. Then you can move on and think about prepping the apartment, finding a good vet, id merking katt or dogs, and all other requirements.

Be honest with your landlord

Unfortunately, not all apartment buildings have a pet-friendly policy, but that’s no reason to lie to your landlord and sneak in a pet in your apartment. The best thing you could do is to be honest about it and see if the landlord can make an exception. You might have to pay a fee for having a pet, but it’s still much better than risking eviction.

Create a pet-friendly environment

Apartments can be filled with potential pet hazards, so it’s an absolute must to pet-proof your home before you welcome your new companion. Make sure you inspect every inch of the apartment and put away all the items that can hurt your pet. If something does happen to your pet, it’s important to look for a reliable dyrlege Stavanger that can attend you right away.

House train them

You’ve got to check house training off your list as well, if you don’t want to turn your whole apartment into a pet toilet. For dogs especially, having a bathroom routine is extremely important. You should take your pet out several times a day, at certain hours, so they can get used to it. Cats are easier to train in this respect, but keep in mind they require privacy.

Give them the love and attention they need

No matter how busy you are, you should never neglect your pet. If he doesn’t receive the attention he needs, or if he doesn’t get enough exercise (which is a major issue in the limited space of an apartment), he can become depressed, and that can lead to further health issues. Show him you love him, make sure he gets plenty of exercise and keep him entertained, so the only times you need to visit dyreklinikk trondheim is for routine checkups.